Be Smart. Stay Safe. Protect what you love most. A custom home security solution gives you complete control over the safety of your home and your family.

From small business surveillance to state of the art industrial technology, we pride ourselves on providing you the best custom business solution.

Whether you're a type A control freak or simply like to keep a subtle hand on your life, our interactive security automation options takes you to the next level.


Your security is vital to the success and growth of your community. Learn how ASI is here to help your community stay safe.

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Why ASI?

At ASI we believe your story is essential to the design of your security solution. Your concerns, aprehensions, obstacles, and desires are what drive us to design the perfect system to meet your needs. We know your security provider should truly listen to what you have to say and not simply hear enough to cash in on their bottom line or monthly quota. Go ahead, make us prove it
We encourage you to talk about your security and safety! Ask questions during your journey with us, discover more about your security, and stay active in your safety. We are constantly learning through industry research, customer and community feedback, and national surveying.  Don't get stagnant, check out some of our safety and security resources or mosey on over to our blog
Okay, you caught us. We are tech nerds and we love it! By leveraging dealer relationships and staying on top of industry research, we guarantee to offer the latest security technologies and techniques. From industrial verified video, commercial biometrics, and municipal multi-campus security platforms to custom home automation, mobile solutions, and touch screen capabilities--if you need it, we have it. 
When you trust ASI as your security provider, we provide 24 hour monitoring protection, customer service, and technical support. And we don't take that lightly.  We are people too. We live, eat, play, work, and breathe in the same communities you do. And we know that trusting us with the safety and security of your home or business is a big step, so we employee top notch professionals that get to know you and your needs. 

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